Teen S.O.Y.O


Teen SOYO OFicers 2018 2019

Jillian Goson – President

Amanda Khoury – Vice President

Nicole Fakhouri – Secretary

Diana Aldada – Treasurer

Deena Salameh & Nick Habeeb – 7th & 8th Grade Representative

Yousef, Nadim & Lola yousef – Historians

The Teen S.O.Y.O Group 

Teen SOYO Paving the Church Side Walk

May 2015 Car Wash

October is Youth Month!

October each year in the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America is celebrated as Youth Month.  During this month teens help in the Church by singing in the choir, chanting, reading the epistles, taking the collections, hosting the coffee hours, etc.

To learn more about Antiochian Teen SOYO please visit  www.teensoyo.org.

Our teen SOYO (Society of Orthodox Youth Organizations) group is actively participating in all aspects of parish life. They are are active in local outreach programs to the community, enjoy social activities together, and support the church through organizing fundraisers, supporting Special Olympics, organizing trips to the monasteries, participating in Bible studies, and much, much more.