Sunday School

St. Mark Orthodox Church School Christ and Children “Nothing so furthers teaching as this: loving and being loved.” ~ St. John Chrysostom Teaching Staff  2014-2015 Eileen Waian-Ellis, Director Preschool: Eileen Waian-Ellis Kindergarten: Justine Bahbah 1st & 2nd: Kh. Donna Laffoon & Tammy Qutami 3rd & 4th : Charlotte Hanna & Sara Fortuna 5th & 6th: Fatin Fakhouri 7th & 8th: Mark Ellis Ninth- Twelfth : Dana Chade,  Edna Deeb, Carol Goson & Susan Wilde Sunday School, 1st grade St. Mark Church School is making an annual pledge to… SAMP (Support A Mission Priest) This program of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center offers monthly financial assistance to indigenous priests in extremely poor areas around the world.  Through SAMP donations the priest is able to apply himself fully to the needs of the parish and hierarchs are able to ordain more clergy to meet the growing number of parishes in their diocese. This year our priest is Fr. Athanasios Akunda who not only serves two parishes in South Africa but is also Deputy Dean and teacher of the Orthodox Seminary in Kenya. We are asking all the children for a minimum donation of twenty-five cents per week for this worthy cause. This program offers an opportunity for our children to: •    Help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Church to people hungry for hope •    Connect with Orthodox brothers and sisters throughout the world. •    Develop a habit of Christian stewardship by their regular giving. “As we have opportunity, let us do good to all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.” Galatians 6:10 Discuss with your children the necessity and joy of giving their time, talent and resources to the work of the Lord.

Church School Calendar for 2013-2014

  • September 1, Orthodox Church New Year
  • September 8, Nativity of the Theotokos
  • September 14, Elevation of the Cross
  • September 16: Church School Registration
  • September 29: 1st Sunday of Church School
  • October 6 (Annual Parish Meeting): Church School
  • October 13: Church School
  • October 20: Church School
  • October 27: Church School
  • November 3: Church School
  • November 10 (Christmas Program Rehearsal)
  • November 15, Nativity Fast Begins
  • November 17 Christmas Program Rehearsal)
  • November 21, Entry into the Temple of the Theotokos
  • November 24 (Christmas Program Rehearsal)

November 28, Thanksgiving

  • December 1 (Christmas Program Rehearsal)
  • December 6, St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra
  • December 8 (St. Nicholas Day, Rehearsal) Church School
  • December 15 (Christmas Program Rehearsal, Senior Center)
  • December 22: Church School Christmas Program
  • December 25, The Nativity of Our Lord

December 29: School Christmas Program

  • January 5 (Theophany): Church School
  • January 12: Church School
  • January 19: Church School
  • January 26 (God Parent Sunday): Church School
  • February 2, Presentation of Our Lord
  • February 19: Church School
  • February 16: Church School
  • February 23 (Meat Fare)  Church School
  • March 2, (Cheesefare): Church School
  • March 3, Great Lent Begins
  • March 9 (Orthodoxy Sunday, Procession): Church School
  • March 16, Church School
  • March 23: (Sunday of the Cross, Procession): 

March 25, The Annunciation of the Theotokos

  • March 30, Church School
  • April 6: Church School
  • April 13,  (Palm Sunday): NO Church School
  • April 20 Great Holy Pascha
  • April 25, The Holy Apostle and Evangelist Mark
  • April 27: Church School 
  • May 4  Church School
  • May 11 (Mother’s Day) Church School
  • May 18 (SAMP Day) Church School
  • May 25: Last Day of Church School
  • May 29, Ascension of Our Lord
  • June 1: Church School Awards, Presentations & Picnic
  • June 8:.Pentecost
  • June 15: Father’s Day  

  HOLY COMMUNION We are encouraging all of the Church School students to receive frequent Communion. Therefore, it will be necessary to prepare the children appropriately. As our children reach an appropriate age (usually 7yrs) parents need to help them begin to abstain from eating or drinking before coming to church. Also, encourage them to follow the rules of fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays. This is the ancient practice of the Orthodox faith. ATTENDANCE Regular Church School attendance is important because of the few opportunities our children have for catechetical instruction. Excessive absences and tardiness are not in the students’ best interest. Parents, please cooperate so that our efforts will not be in vain. Also, parents whose children attend Catholic, Protestant, or non-denominational schools need to be ever-vigilant of the religious curriculum that their children are exposed to. It is important that they receive catechetical instruction in our Church School so that they can learn to discern the theological differences between Orthodoxy and other Christian faiths. DISCIPLINE The primary task of Religious Education is to teach interested students the basic tenets of their Orthodox faith, to instill in them the Christian way of life, and to effectuate spiritual growth in them. Appropriate student attitude and behavior is expected and will be enforced. Disruptive and disrespectful behaviors will not be tolerated because of the negative effect that they have on the educative process. It is imperative that parents, students, and teachers work together to ensure a successful program. DRESS CODE Students are encouraged to make appropriate choices regarding their dress when attending church. Tube tops, spaghetti straps, bare mid-riff, mini skirts and other revealing garments are inappropriate and should be avoided. Pants should be worn at waist level, sagging or over-sized are not appropriate. Undergarments should not be visible. With the emphasis on these fashion trends today, parents need to educate their children on the importance of proper church attire and modesty.